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<aside> 💡 🌎 🏆 What is a World Cup Sweepstake? In a traditional World Cup sweepstakes, the names of the 32 finalist nations are put into a hat. Friends, family, or work colleagues then pick these out at random before the tournament begins.

📅 When does the WC start? This Winter World Cup (first of its kind, normally a summer event) begins on Sunday, November 20th, with the hosts Qatar 🇶🇦 kicking off against Ecuador 🇪🇨 in game one @ 11 AM EST.

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🗓 What else am I missing? Well, since you asked 😁 … if you really wanna engage with your team, add a Slack plugin. This is a DIY hack, but if you use Zapier+Google Calendar, you can link up a public World Cup schedule, and have it post to Slack every day there’s a game on. If we did it, you can do it too! Subscribe to this .ics link in your Calendar settings (or click here) to add the schedule to your Google Calendar, then scoot on over to Zapier and customize this Zap! We set it up to post every match two hours ahead of each “Event Start”. 👌

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📅 Todays Games

<aside> 💡 All times EST.


Untitled Database

🏆 1: Prizes

🎟 2: Draw

⬆️ 3: Group Phase

🥊 4: Knockout Phase

🏅5: Award

⛔️ Databasement


WC Games

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